Travolution is delighted to be bringing its summit to Germany for the first time this year in collaboration with Donnelly Spire and Amadeus.

About this Event

This day-long event in Germany builds on the 13 years of Travolution championing the travel technology sector in the UK. It will allow British and German senior technology professionals to network in a unique environment, where -

  • We will be delving into how to successfully take your business into different markets, what makes some jurisdictions successful and others challenging.
  • We will answer key questions such as data standards, payments in different countries, pricing across borders, all the vital issues that can trip up a good strategy.
  • We will take a first look at the growing demand in FIT for non-flight travel and see if this trend is set to stay.

Travolution Central European Summit Agenda

Executive Editor
Managing Director
Managing Director
Key Challenges for the Central European Markets
Senior Vice President, Retail for Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern Europe
Facing the Outside World
Managing Director
VP Business Development
Managing Director
Coffee Break
Package Tour Markets

Andy Owen Jones speaks about key differences between the UK and the German packaged tours market and why in Germany there is a need for DRV/Peakwork on the one or OTDS/Traveltainment/Traffics on the other side - and why the likes of Peakwork find it harder to enter the UK market for that reason.

UK Suppliers & German Buyers or vice versa - how to make it work?
The Battle of Displaying End Prices
Story Time: Founding Story and Lessons Learned
New Territory for all Established Travel Companies: Flight Shame and the Wealthy Hipster

Connecting the unconnectable? How Glamping, Travelling by Train and Ferry is changing each of our domestic markets as well as our international business

Globalisation in Travel

Globalisation in travel is here, whether protectionists like it or not. Businesses need to adjust and compete on an international level whilst keeping payments local.

Justin Morshead to participate as a close on the session and give an outlook to blockchain, travelledger and the world.
Sascha Hausmann to host 2 established start ups on innovation coming from other countries
Summary of the Day
Executive Editor